What is another word for wage slave?

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The term "wage slave" refers to a person who is dependent on a salary to sustain themselves and their family. Some synonyms for this term include "working stiff," "salaryman," "drone," or "cog in the machine." Other phrases that convey the idea of someone who works tirelessly to make a living include "punching the clock," "nine-to-fiver," or "grinding away." While each of these terms may carry slightly different connotations, they all speak to the hard work and dedication required to make ends meet in a society where wages may not keep up with the cost of living.

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How to use "Wage slave" in context?

The English word "wage slave" is derived from the ancient Roman slave, whose name literally means "servant of wages." In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, wage slaves were commoners who toiled long hours for little or no pay in the factories and mills that mushroomed across the British Isles. By the middle of the 19th century, the system of wage slavery had spread to the United States, where it played an important role in fueling the country's rapid economic development.

Today, wage slavery is a reality in many corners of the world, where workers are forced to toil long hours for little or no pay.

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