What is another word for wage-earning?

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Wage-earning is a term that refers to people who earn a living through employment where they receive wages for their services rendered. There are different synonyms that can be used in place of wage-earning. Some of the alternatives include salaried, employed, working, and laboring. The term salaried refers to people who receive a fixed amount of money for their services, regardless of the number of hours they work. Employed refers to individuals who are engaged in gainful activities to earn a living. Laboring is another synonym for wage-earning, and it denotes people who work in manual tasks or physical labor for compensation. Overall, these synonyms provide varied ways to refer to people who earn their living through work and compensation.

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    When someone is "wage-earning," that means that person is getting paid for the work he or she does. Wage-earners are often divided into two groups: those who are paid based on the number of hours they work, and those who are paid based on the amount of work they produce.

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