What is another word for walking through it?

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[ wˈɔːkɪŋ θɹˈuː ɪt], [ wˈɔːkɪŋ θɹˈuː ɪt], [ w_ˈɔː_k_ɪ_ŋ θ_ɹ_ˈuː ɪ_t]

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    How to use "Walking through it" in context?

    It's hard to express in words what walking through infertility feels like. It's a mixture of disbelief and hope that continues to shift with every step you take. It's a mix of emotions that come with trying to conceive, only to be met with disappointment and then the anticipation of trying again. It's the feeling of battling the odds, knowing that one mistake could mean the end of everything.

    But ultimately, it's also an incredible journey of discovery. You learn about yourself and your body in a way you never could have before. You delve deep into your feelings and discoveries, and you come to understand your attachment to fertility.

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