What is another word for Walkman?

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Walkman, the iconic portable cassette player, has evolved into several different synonyms over the years. The most popular being MP3 players, iPods, or portable music players, which allow us to listen to music wherever we go. Other alternatives include personal CD players, Sound Cassettes, and Portable CD Players. These devices have significantly changed the way we listen to music by bringing it with us during our commutes, walking, or workouts. Smartphones have also replaced the need for a Walkman or any other music device. With the rise of streaming music platforms, we can now access thousands of songs and playlists right on our phones. Though the Walkman may no longer be in use, its legacy will continue to live on in future technological advancements.

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    Walkman is a portable audio player and media player invented and marketed by Sony in 1979. Walkman enabled users to enjoy music without having to take their eyes off the road or stop what they were doing. There are many Walkman models, including the WH-1000X, WH-800X, and the W-1000D.

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