What is another word for wallet?

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Wallets are an essential accessory for carrying cash, cards, and other daily essentials. But there are different names for wallets in different regions, contexts, and cultures. A wallet is also known as a billfold, a purse, a pouch, a pocketbook, or a money clip. In some areas, wallets are referred to as tackle boxes or magic wallets. The term "portefeuille" is a French synonym for wallet, and it is often used in high fashion and luxury brands. A "Kate Spade wallet" or a "Gucci purse" would likely evoke a different image or price point than that of a "cash clasp" or a "coin pouch." Whatever you call it, a wallet is a useful and practical item for organizing your finances.

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How to use "Wallet" in context?

A wallet is a small piece of cloth, paper, or leather that holds items such as money, identification, or a bus pass. Wallets can be attached to a belt, pocket, or purse.

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