What is another word for war whoop?

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[ wˈɔː wˈuːp], [ wˈɔː wˈuːp], [ w_ˈɔː w_ˈuː_p]

War whoop means a loud and aggressive shout uttered by warriors in battle or before attacking enemies. Some synonyms for war whoop include battle cry, war chant, rallying cry, battle shout, war call, and battle hymn. These words often connote a sense of bravery, aggression, and determination as they are typically used by fighters before engaging in combat. They signify the energy needed to triumph in war and instill fear in the enemy. Each culture has its unique version of the war whoop, but the intent behind it is the same to alert and rally the troops and intimidate the opposition.

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How to use "War whoop" in context?

The war whoop is an often ferocious and celebratory shout or roar used during conflicts to inspire the troops. The sound may be produced by blowing through the cheeks with breath, as with a shrill whistle, or by shouting with full voice.

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