What is another word for warehouse-store?

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[ wˈe͡əha͡ʊsstˈɔː], [ wˈe‍əha‍ʊsstˈɔː], [ w_ˈeə_h_aʊ_s_s_t_ˈɔː]

A warehouse-store is a large retail space that sells goods in bulk at discounted prices. It is often referred to as a wholesale store or a discount warehouse. Other synonyms for warehouse-store include outlet store, clearance center, and bargain basement. Outlet stores typically sell products from previous seasons, discontinued items, or overstocked inventory from retail stores. Clearance centers usually offer products at heavily discounted prices to make room for new merchandise. The term bargain basement refers to a retail space in a basement or lower level of a department store where heavily discounted items are sold. Whether you are looking for discounted groceries, electronics, or clothing, a warehouse-store is a great place to find excellent deals.

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How to use "Warehouse-store" in context?

A warehouse-store is a type of retail store, typically a large one, which sells merchandise in bulk. A warehouse-store usually relies on storage and shipping facilities in order to operate, and usually does not have a regular storefront.

Warehouses are typically distinguished from general retail stores by the degree of stocking. A store that wholesales goods to retailers, such as hardware stores and sporting goods stores, will have a higher degree of stocking, whereas a store like Walmart, which specializes in retail items, will have a lower degree of stocking.

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