What is another word for wattles?

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[ wˈɒtə͡lz], [ wˈɒtə‍lz], [ w_ˈɒ_t_əl_z]

Wattles are often referred to as "fleshy appendages" or "facial protuberances." They're commonly found on various animals, particularly birds, which use them for a variety of purposes, such as attracting mates, regulating body temperature, or distinguishing between species. Some synonyms for wattles include dewlaps, caruncles, snoods, combs, and tassels, depending on the specific species and location of the protuberance. In some cases, wattles are also referred to as gills or filaments, which emphasizes their role in respiration or feeding, respectively. Regardless of the term used, wattles are a fascinating and important aspect of animal anatomy, often signaling vital information about the health, behavior, and social status of the individual.

How to use "Wattles" in context?

Wattles can occasionally be encountered in the wild, but they are most commonly kept as pets. Wattles are simple structures made of skin and flesh that are attached to a bird's head. They are used to regulate the amount of heat that is produced by the bird's body. Wattles are typically red, black, or yellow and can vary in size.

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