What is another word for weakening?

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Weakening is a term that refers to the decline in strength or intensity. Synonyms for weakening include lessening, diminishing, declining, waning, fading, dwindling, subsiding, softening, slackening, and weakening. Lessening implies a reduction in degree or quantity, while diminishing suggests a gradual decrease in size, value, or importance. Waning, fading, and dwindling often refer to the gradual decline of something's power or influence. Subsiding and softening imply a reduction in force or intensity, while slackening usually implies a reduction in pace or speed. Weakening can also be expressed through synonyms like deteriorating, declining, and deteriorating. Regardless of the context, there are numerous synonyms available to describe the concept of weakening.

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How to use "Weakening" in context?

One of the more common medical terms for "weakening" is tottering. This term is used to describe when a person's balance is compromised, making them more vulnerable to falling. When speaking of a person's health, being weakened typically means that the person is losing strength, energy, and stamina on a sustained basis. Generally speaking, when a person starts to lose strength, energy, and stamina, it is usually a sign that their health is declining.

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