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Weasel is a small carnivorous mammal known for its slippery nature. It's also a common nickname for someone who is deceitful and sneaky. Some synonyms for weasel include sneak, sly, cunning, fox, wily, deceiving, and treacherous. A person who weasels their way out of a situation or conversation may also be referred to as evasive, manipulative, or untrustworthy. In some cultures, a weasel is also considered a symbol of bad luck or bad omens. Overall, the word weasel and its synonyms are often used to describe those who lack integrity or are dishonest in their dealings.

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    The weasel is a small mammal native to Eurasia and North America. It is a slim, agile animal that scampers quickly through forests and fields, feeding on insects and small vertebrates. Weasels are pleasant creatures that can be difficult to spot, but they are fierce predators that can take down prey much bigger than themselves. Despite their small size, weasels are pack hunters that use their cunning and quick wits to take down prey from larger predators.

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