What is another word for weatherboard?

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[ wˈɛðəbˌɔːd], [ wˈɛðəbˌɔːd], [ w_ˈɛ_ð_ə_b_ˌɔː_d]

Weatherboard, also known as clapboard or lap siding, is a type of wooden siding used to cover the exterior of homes and buildings. While weatherboard is the most commonly used term, there are many other synonyms for this building material. These include shiplap, bevel siding, tongue and groove siding, and channel siding. Each of these has its unique features and benefits, such as shiplap siding's ability to create a tight seal to protect against the elements or tongue and groove siding's interlocking design for added strength and durability. In general, weatherboard and its synonyms are versatile, beautiful, and long-lasting siding options for any structure.

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How to use "Weatherboard" in context?

Weatherboarding is a type of clapboard made from thin, flat boards with a V- or U-shaped notch cut out of the center. It is often used on exterior walls of buildings to provide insulation and weather protection.

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