What is another word for weevil?

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Weevils are a kind of beetle that are known for infesting and damaging different types of crops. There are various synonyms for the word "weevil." A common one is "boll weevil," which specifically refers to a type of weevil that infests cotton crops. Other synonyms for the word include "bean weevil," "pea weevil," "rice weevil," and "maize weevil," which all indicate the type of crop that the particular weevil feeds on. Additionally, "curculio" is another synonym used to refer to different kinds of weevils that infest a variety of fruits and nuts. Understanding these synonyms can be helpful for proper identification and control of these pests in various crops.

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    The weevil is a small insect that lives in the ground. It is a part of the beetle family. The weevil is a pest that can cause damage to crops.

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    • weavil.

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