What is another word for weighted?

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The word "weighted" can be used to describe different concepts such as importance, value, and gravity. Some synonyms for "weighted" include "significant," "meaningful," "substantial," and "profound." These words connote a sense of importance and a sense of gravity. Other synonyms for "weighted" include "burdened," "encumbered," and "weighed down." These words imply that something or someone is carrying a weight or burden. Additionally, words like "focused," "intensive," and "detailed" can serve as synonyms for "weighted," especially when describing a project or task that requires intense focus and attention to detail. Overall, the word "weighted" is a versatile and powerful term that can be used in many different ways and contexts.

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    Weighted sorting algorithms are a type of sorting algorithm that is used inverted sorting, where the element to be sorted is placed at the bottom of the list and its weight is used to determine the order of the other elements. The algorithm starts by comparing the weight of the element to the weight of the element in the list. If the weight of the element is greater than the weight of the element in the list, the element is placed at the bottom of the list and the algorithm moves on to the next element.

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