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Well-to-do is an adjective used to describe someone who is wealthy or affluent. There are many synonyms for this word, each conveying a slightly different meaning. Some of the most common synonyms for well-to-do include prosperous, affluent, comfortable, well-off, and wealthy. These words all suggest a high degree of financial success, but they differ in their connotations. For example, prosperous implies a thriving business or career, while comfortable suggests a comfortable lifestyle rather than extreme wealth. Well-off implies a more modest level of affluence, while wealthy is perhaps the most formal and high-level term, suggesting a great deal of money and assets. Regardless of the nuance, all of these synonyms demonstrate a status of financial success.

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How to use "Well-to-do" in context?

The term "well-to-do" is used to describe people or families who have a lot of money or assets. There is a lot of variation in how much money or assets a person or family needs to be considered well-to-do. Generally, to be considered well-to-do, a person or family would need at least two times the median income. In America, the median income is $50,000. So, to be considered well-to-do, a person or family would need at least $100,000. This means that a family of four would need at least $200,000.

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