What is another word for wholesalers?

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Wholesalers are an important aspect of the supply chain for many industries. They purchase large quantities of goods directly from manufacturers and sell them to retailers, businesses, and sometimes consumers. There are several synonyms for wholesalers, such as distributors, suppliers, vendors, dealers, and resellers. Distributors are intermediary companies that supply goods to retailers or end-users. Suppliers provide goods and services to other businesses. Vendors are businesses that sell goods to customers. Dealers are companies that sell products to consumers or companies directly. Resellers are businesses that buy goods from other companies and resell them to end-users. Overall, these synonyms provide a more nuanced understanding of the various roles that wholesalers play within the supply chain.

How to use "Wholesalers" in context?

Wholesalers have always been in existence to meet the needs of businesses, large and small. They provide a one-stop-shop for businesses to purchase products in bulk, at significantly discounted rates.

Wholesalers assist businesses in marketing and distributing their products. It is also their responsibility to ensure that products they sell are of the highest quality. Their knowledge of the market and their contacts can ensure that products reach their target market.

Wholesalers help businesses save money on products by stocking products that are not regularly available in retail channels. They also provide expert advice on how to best market products.

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