What is another word for windy?

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There are several synonyms for the word "windy," all of which describe a state of being affected by or characterized by wind. One such synonym is blustery, which includes gusts of wind that can be strong and turbulent. Another word is blustering, which refers to wind that is loud, boisterous and fierce. The term breezy is another synonym for windy and suggests a comforting wind that is gentle and soothing. Whipping and gusty are two other words that can be used to describe windy conditions. Finally, stormy is a synonym that suggests a more intense level of wind and often is accompanied by other severe weather conditions.

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    A windy day can feel like an adventure. The wind can be so strong that it makes your hair stand on end, or it can be so cold that it feels like knives are going through your skin.

    When the wind is blowing, it can be hard to stay standing or walking. It can also be hard to see and hear, which can make it difficult to stay safe. However, there are ways to deal with a windy day.

    If you are out walking, make sure that you have a sturdy backpack and know where you are going.

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