What is another word for wish to harm?

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[ wˈɪʃ tə hˈɑːm], [ wˈɪʃ tə hˈɑːm], [ w_ˈɪ_ʃ t_ə h_ˈɑː_m]

When it comes to expressing a desire or intention to harm someone, there are several synonyms to choose from. One way to convey this feeling is to use the phrase "wish to harm" itself. However, other options include "intent to injure," "malicious intent," "malevolent motive," or "hostile inclination." All of these phrases communicate the same basic idea, which is that the speaker or writer wishes ill upon another person. It's important to keep in mind that using such language can be provocative and potentially hurtful, so it's wise to choose one's words carefully and consider the impact they may have.

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How to use "Wish to harm" in context?

Wish to harm is defined as an intent to cause harm to someone or something. This intent can be caused by any number of emotions, such as hatred, anger, or resentment. It is important to remember that wish to harm does not always result in harm being inflicted. Violence, for example, is not always a result of someone having a wish to harm. Accordingly, it is important to assess the particular circumstances of any given situation in order to determine whether or not wish to harm is at play.

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