What is another word for witch?

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The word "witch" may have different connotations depending on context. Some synonyms associated with the word include enchantress, sorceress, hag, crone, and conjurer. Enchantress and sorceress are often used to describe witches with feminine charm and abilities that can manipulate others. Hag and crone carry more negative connotations, often portraying witches as old and ugly. Conjurer may be more neutral than other synonyms, which encompasses witches' abilities to conduct rituals and magic. In modern times, the term Wiccan is sometimes used as an alternative to the word "witch" to emphasize the spiritual rather than malevolent aspects.

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    Many people think of witches as women who cast spells and perform other strange rituals. In reality, though, witches can be men or women, young or old, and from any country or culture. Their practices and beliefs vary, but they typically share two common elements: a deep knowledge of natural phenomena and a desire to use their power beneficially.

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