What is another word for without limit?

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[ wɪðˌa͡ʊt lˈɪmɪt], [ wɪðˌa‍ʊt lˈɪmɪt], [ w_ɪ_ð_ˌaʊ_t l_ˈɪ_m_ɪ_t]

The phrase "without limit" denotes a limitless or boundless state. Some synonyms for this phrase could include endless, limitless, boundless, infinite, unbounded, immeasurable, and unfettered. Each of these synonyms conveys the same idea of something that is uncontainable, unrestricted, and infinite. Other alternatives could be unrestricted, unrestrained, unconstrained, and unbridled, all of which suggest something that is not held back by any type of limitation or restriction. No matter what synonym is used, the message remains the same: without limit implies an endless and boundless state, incapable of being contained or constrained.

How to use "Without limit" in context?

Donald Trump's America First policy is rooted in the belief that U.S. interests come before those of any other country. It is a policy that calls for a "without limit" approach in which America will engage with the world according to its own interests, without concern for other nations.

The policy has been met with strong opposition from some who argue that it will lead to a vast expansion of American unilateralism, and that it could result in conflict with other countries.

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