What is another word for woolly?

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Woolly is a word that is often used to describe something that is fluffy or covered in a thick layer of fur or hair. Synonyms for woolly include fuzzy, fluffy, hairy, shaggy and woolen. These words can be used to describe animals, textiles and even people's hair. The term woolly can also be used to describe a lack of clarity or precision, in which case synonyms include vague, imprecise, ambiguous, and uncertain. Avoid using woolly or its synonyms in formal writing, as they are considered informal and somewhat imprecise. Instead, choose more precise and appropriate vocabulary to convey your message more effectively.

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How to use "Woolly" in context?

Woolly is defined as having a textured appearance due to being made of fibers that are not tightly bound together. Woolly appearances may be naturally occurring, such as in a sheep's wool, or may be a result of being treated with a woolly substance, such as a product used to add warmth to clothing. Woolly surfaces may feel greasy or slimy, which is the result of the oil and waxes that are used to make the fibers waterproof.

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