What is another word for work at?

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[ wˈɜːk at], [ wˈɜːk at], [ w_ˈɜː_k a_t]

The phrase "work at" is commonly used to describe participation in an occupation, job or task. However, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to express the same meaning, such as "perform," "engage in," "labor," "pursue," or "participate in." Each of these words can provide a fresh approach and help to add variety to one's writing or speaking style. Individuals can also use more specific terms to further define the type of work being done, such as "research," "develop," or "produce." Employing synonyms for the phrase "work at" can give language more depth and clarity.

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    Working at a company is often viewed as a desirable career choice. After all, companies are funded by shareholders and offer employees a stable, secure job with good pay and benefits. However, there are some drawbacks to working at a company. Employees can be stuck in a routine and be limited in their career opportunities. Additionally, companies can be hierarchical and resistant to change. In order to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of working at a company, employees need to beaware of their rights and understand the company's culture.

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