What is another word for Working Women?

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"Working Women" is a term that refers to women who are employed in paid positions, including jobs, careers, businesses, and professions. The term has evolved over time and has been reshaped to denote different meanings. Some synonyms that can be used interchangeably with "Working Women" include "Career Women," "Professional Women," "Employed Women," "Working Moms," "Female Breadwinners," and "Working Ladies." These synonyms broaden the scope and context of the term and recognize women's contributions to the workforce, regardless of their job title, status, or life stage. They underline the significance of women's economic empowerment, gender equality, and social justice, and advocate for their inclusion, recognition, and advancement in the workplace and beyond.

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    How to use "Working women" in context?

    Working Women are essential to the American economy. They play an important role in providing for their families by working in occupations that range from clerical work to production and maintenance.

    In most cases, working women have few legal rights and cannot always rely on the protection of labor laws. Nevertheless, they have fought successfully to gain a share of the economic pie and have made great progress in recent years.

    Working women have made tremendous strides in the past century. They now hold nearly half of all professional degrees, and their prominence in the workforce has led to greater opportunities for both men and women.

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