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The English language is full of synonyms for the word "works". Some common options include "jobs", "tasks", "duties", "responsibilities", and "projects". Other more specific synonyms include "assignments", "chores", "undertakings", and "duties". In the workplace, "assignments" or "tasks" might commonly be used, while in a household setting, "chores" or "responsibilities" might be more appropriate. In academic writing, "projects" or "research papers" might be used instead. Regardless of the situation, having a range of synonyms for "works" can help add variety and depth to one's writing and communication.

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    At first glance, the word "works" may conjure up images of long hours clocked in at the office or elbow-deep in a dishwasher. But, in reality, the word can also refer to a variety of activities that yield results. For example, playing video games may be seen as a form of "work," as might studying for a test or taking care of a pet. In short, anything that leads to a desired outcome can be considered a "work.

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    • works', work's.

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