What is another word for Wormed?

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[ wˈɜːmd], [ wˈɜːmd], [ w_ˈɜː_m_d]

Related words: worms, worming, worm out, worm away, worm infestation, wormhole

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    How to use "Wormed" in context?

    Wormed (2015)

    When a group of friends go to a cabin in the woods to lift their spirits after their last class of the year is done, they instead find themselves battling an invasion of parasitic worms.

    They soon discover that the worms aren't the only ones after them as they are also being hunted by a crazed and feral hunter who seems to be after them for unknown reasons.

    As they try to find a way to get out of the woods and survive, they must figure out how to remove the worms from their bodies, and find a way to stop the hunter before they end up dead.

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