What is another word for wreathed?

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The word "wreathed" can be used to describe something encircled or surrounded by a circular formation, often in the shape of a wreath. Synonyms for this word include the terms "coiled," "curled," "twisted," and "wrapped." Other synonyms for wreathed might include similar words like "enwrapped," "encircled," "circumscribed," and "enshrined." Depending on the context in which it is used, "wreathed" can also be replaced with other words like "entangled," "enthroned," "enclosed," or "embraced." Ultimately, there are numerous ways to describe something that is wreathed, depending on the nuances of its surroundings and the intended connotation of the passage or sentence.

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    One of the most popular types of flowers is the wreath. A wreath is a type of bouquet that is made from flowers that are bound together by an artificial wire or ribbon. The most popular type of wreath is the bride's bouquet.

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