What is another word for wrecked?

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There are several synonyms for the word "wrecked," including devastated, ruined, destroyed, damaged, demolished, and broken. "Devastated" implies a sense of total despair and hopelessness, while "ruined" suggests something that has been irretrievably destroyed. "Destroyed" is perhaps the most straightforward synonym, indicating that something has been reduced to rubble or rendered completely unusable. "Damaged" is a more general term that can be applied to both physical and emotional harm, whereas "demolished" specifically refers to the tearing down of physical structures. Finally, "broken" can be used to describe something that has been shattered or fractured, whether literally or metaphorically.

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How to use "Wrecked" in context?

The definition of wrecked is ruined or damaged beyond repair. When you are wrecked, you have gone beyond just a simple mishap. You have suffered a significant defeat and have been brought down to your lowest point. You have been pushed to your limits and overcome great odds to stand again.

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  • recht.

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