What is another word for Xebec?

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Xebec is a type of sailing vessel that was used primarily in the Mediterranean during the 18th and 19th centuries. Synonyms for xebec include the term "chebec," which is a French spelling of the same word, as well as "shebeck" and "xebek." Other synonyms for xebec include "felucca," which is a smaller, swift-moving vessel often used for fishing or transport, and "caravel," a small, highly maneuverable ship used in the Mediterranean during the Age of Exploration. Finally, "barca-longa" is a synonym for xebec that specifically refers to a type of Venetian ship with lateen sails similar in design to the xebec.

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    Xebec is a naval shipbuilder and designer headquartered in the city of Brest, France. The company has built ships for many countries, but has a particularly long history with France.

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