What is another word for xenicus?

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Xenicus is a genus of birds that is commonly known as New Zealand wrens. These small birds are native to New Zealand and are known for their unique characteristics and behaviors. If you're looking for synonyms for the word xenicus, you might consider using "New Zealand wren" or even "rifleman," which is a common name for the smallest of the species. Other synonyms might include "native wren," "kiwi wren," or "Acanthisittidae," which is the family of birds to which the New Zealand wrens belong. Whatever term you use, one thing is for sure: these fascinating birds are worth learning more about!

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Xenicus is a genus of crustaceans consisting of just a single species, Xenicus fulvus. It is a small, deep-diving crustacean found off the coasts of California and Oregon. Xenicus fulvus is a scavenger that feeds primarily on jellyfish and other small marine creatures.

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