What is another word for yamaltu?

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[ jˈamɐltˌuː], [ jˈamɐltˌuː], [ j_ˈa_m_ɐ_l_t_ˌuː]

Synonyms for Yamaltu:

How to use "Yamaltu" in context?

Yamaltu is the traditional and spiritual name for Chichicastenango Guatemala which translates to "Place of the Cross." The town is located in the Peten region of Guatemala about two hours from the capital city, Guatemala City. It is a rugged and stunningly beautiful mountainous region, famed for its natural resources, including coffee, cotton, maize, fruits, and honey. The Quetzalcoatl Temple, one of the most important archaeological sites in Central America, is located in Yamaltu.

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