What is another word for yard marker?

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[ jˈɑːd mˈɑːkə], [ jˈɑːd mˈɑːkə], [ j_ˈɑː_d m_ˈɑː_k_ə]

A yard marker is typically used in sports to indicate the distance a team has to advance the ball to score points. There are different types of yard markers, including pylons, sideline markers, and end zone markers. However, there are also several synonyms for the term "yard marker" that can be used interchangeably. Some examples include distance marker, chain marker, marker pole, and field marker. These terms are commonly used in football, but they can also refer to markers used in other sports such as soccer, rugby, and field hockey. No matter the term used, yard markers are essential for keeping track of the gameplay and scoring points in sports.

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How to use "Yard marker" in context?

A yard marker or graveyard marker is a monument, typically an obelisk or free standing stone, at the edge of a cemetery, grave field, or other burial ground. In ancient times, a single gravestone might mark the location of several burials, but as cemeteries became large, a single gravestone was not sufficient and a yard marker was erected.

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