What is another word for yore?

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Yore refers to a time long past, usually with a nostalgic or romantic connotation. There are several synonyms for the word yore, depending on the context in which it is used. One synonym could be "olden days," which speaks of a time in the past that is long gone. Another synonym is "bygone era," which conveys a sense of a time that has been left behind. "Days gone by" is another expression that can be used to describe a period of time that has elapsed. Other synonyms for yore include "times of yesteryear," "the past," and "days of old." All of these synonyms convey a sense of something that has been lost to time.

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Yore is an archaic word meaning "long ago." It is often used in literature to describe a time when civilizations were more advanced, or to reflect on the mysteries of the universe.

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