What is another word for zag?

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Zag is an uncommon word that means to change direction abruptly or shift suddenly. Some synonyms for zag include veer, swerve, and curve. Other words that can be used instead of zag include twist, turn, and deviate. All of these words describe a sudden change in direction or movement, whether it's on foot, in a vehicle, or even in a conversation. These words are useful when you want to add variety to your writing or speech. You can use them to describe someone swerving to avoid an obstacle, a car taking a sudden turn, or even a conversation taking an unexpected turn.

How to use "Zag" in context?

There is always that one person in a group who monopolizes the conversation. They are the talker, the garrulous one, the one who always has something to say. This person can dominate a conversation, and often times, they do not even realize it. That person is the zag.

The word "zag" comes from the Dutch word "zagen," meaning "to see," and it is defined as the person who always leads the pack. The zag is not just the one who talks the most, but the one who talks the loudest.

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