What is another word for zaikai?

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[ zˈe͡ɪka͡ɪ], [ zˈe‍ɪka‍ɪ], [ z_ˈeɪ_k_aɪ]

Zaikai is a Japanese term that refers to a group of influential business leaders who hold significant political power and sway over government policies. Some synonyms for zaikai include "keiretsu," which refers to a group of affiliated companies that cooperate with each other and dominate a particular industry, as well as "dango," which refers to a group of individuals or organizations that collude to monopolize business opportunities and influence government decision-making. Other synonyms for zaikai include "oyakata," which refers to a powerful figurehead who exerts control over a particular industry, and "zaibatsu," which refers to a large family-owned conglomerate that holds significant economic and political influence.

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    How to use "Zaikai" in context?

    In Japan, zaikai is a unique word denoting a type of community organizer. Zaikai upholds an older and more traditional way of life, relying chiefly on their network of family, friends, and neighbors to provide essential services and support. Zaikai also work to create and maintain social connections with other local residents, helping to build and sustain a sense of community in the face of modernization and urbanization.

    Zaikai help keep traditional villages functioning, often providing elderly citizens with needed assistance, housing, and mentorship.

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