What is another word for Zambian Kwacha?

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[ zˈambi͡ən kwˈat͡ʃə], [ zˈambi‍ən kwˈat‍ʃə], [ z_ˈa_m_b_iə_n k_w_ˈa_tʃ_ə]

The Zambian Kwacha is the official currency of Zambia, but there are many different phrases and terms that can be used to describe it. Some of the most common synonyms for the Zambian Kwacha include ZMK, K, and ZMW. Other terms you might hear used include the Zambian currency, Zambian money, or simply the Kwacha. The term Kwacha itself is derived from the Bemba word for "dawn", and is meant to evoke the sense of a new beginning or a fresh start. Regardless of what term you use, the Zambian Kwacha remains an important symbol of the nation's economy and financial system.

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How to use "Zambian kwacha" in context?

The Zambian Kwacha is the currency of Zambia. It is divided into 100 cents. The circulating supply of Kwacha in circulation is estimated at 9.9 billion pieces. The Kwacha is officially pegged to the United States dollar at K30 to the US$.

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