What is another word for Zambo?

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[ zˈambə͡ʊ], [ zˈambə‍ʊ], [ z_ˈa_m_b_əʊ]

Zambo is a term that originated in the Philippine Islands and referred to a person of mixed Spanish and indigenous ancestry. However, because of its derogatory connotations, it is not a recommended term to use today. Thus it's important to look for other synonyms or terms that create a more positive and inclusive impact while communicating. Some possible synonyms for Zambo include "Mestizo," "Hispanic-Mestizo," and "Mixed Race". There are also phrases such as "ethnically diverse," "multi-cultural," and "bi-racial" that can be used to describe people of mixed ancestry in a more respectful and neutral way. It's important to remember that the language we use can have a significant impact on how people feel and should be used thoughtfully.

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    How to use "Zambo" in context?

    Zambo is a term used to describe someone who is racially and ethnically mixed. Zambo is often used to describe people who are of mixed African and Hispanic descent. The word zambo is derived from the Spanish word zambo, which means mongrel.

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