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Zayin is the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which has several meanings and synonyms in different contexts. In Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah, zayin represents a spiritual weapon that protects against evil. Another Hebrew word for the letter "zayin" is "zonna," which means a weapon or a spear. In modern Hebrew slang, zayin is also a synonym for the word "penis." In the Arabic language, "zayin" means "adornment" or "beauty" and is often used to express someone's attractiveness or physical appearance. The Arabic alphabet also has the letter "zayn" which has the same meaning as the Hebrew "zayin." In mathematics, zayin denotes the symbol for seven, used to represent the seventh term of a series. Overall, the meaning and synonyms of zayin depend on the context and culture in which it is used.

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    Zayin (走音, "footstep") is the fourth letter of the Chinese alphabet.

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