What is another word for zombie?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "zombie" there are plenty of interesting options to choose from. For example, one could use the word "undead" to describe something similar to a zombie, or use the term "ghoul" to refer to a flesh-eating creature. Other synonyms for a zombie include "walking dead", "mortified", "reanimated", and "corpse". Alternatively, one could also use less traditional synonyms for a zombie, such as "brain-eater", "flesh-muncher", or "the living dead". Overall, there are a multitude of different words and phrases that can be used to describe this classic horror creature, each with its own unique nuance and meaning.

Synonyms for Zombie:

How to use "Zombie" in context?

Zombies are undead creatures that shamble around aimlessly, intent on either eating or destroying. In older works, zombies were generally portrayed as ghouls, unrefined cannibals moan- ing for blood, or brain-hungry corpses reanimated by some sort of foul trick. More recently, zombies have been depicted as mindless beings, amalgamations of flesh and bone animated by some dark force. Regardless of their appearance, all zombies share at least one common trait-they are unquestioningly devoted to their undead nature, and will do anything to further their undead goals.

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