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[bɪklˈa͡ʊdɪd], [bɪklˈa‍ʊdɪd], [b_ɪ_k_l_ˈaʊ_d_ɪ_d]

Synonyms for Beclouded:

Other synonyms and related words:

Hazed, abstruse, addlebrained, addled, addleheaded, addlepated, bedimmed, befoged, befogged, befuddled, benighted, bleary, blind, blurred, blurry, brumous, buried, close, clouded, cloudy, concealed, corrupted, covered, covert, crepuscular, dappled, dark, darkened, defiled, dim, dimmed, dreamy, dull, dusky, dusty, eclipsed, faint, filmy, fogged, foggy, fuddlebrained, fuddled, fuzzy, gauzy, gloomy, hazy, heavy, hid, hidden, in a cloud, in a fog, in a muddle, in eclipse, in purdah, in the wings, incommunicado, indefinite, indistinct, latent, lowering, milky, misted, misty, mottled, muddled, muddleheaded, murky, muzzy, mysterious, nebulous, obfuscated, obliterated, obscure, obscured, occult, opalescent, overcast, overclouded, overshadowed, pearly, puzzleheaded, recondite, secluded, secluse, secret, sequestered, shadowed, shadowy, smoggy, soupy, steamed, steamy, sullied, tainted, under an eclipse, under cover, under house arrest, under wraps, undercover, underground, unknown, vague, vapoury, veiled, wrapped in clouds.

Quotes for Beclouded:

  1. To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every human being in our beclouded and tempestuous existence. Joseph Conrad.