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What is another word for Fabian?

3 synonyms found


[f_ˈa_b_iə_n], [fˈabi͡ən], [fˈabi‍ən]

Synonyms for Fabian:

fabian (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Fabian:

  1. arabian;

Quotes for Fabian:

  1. This most dangerous enemy is the American counterpart of the British Fabian Socialist, who denies that he is a Socialist and operates behind a mask which he calls National Planning. John T. Flynn.
  2. Britain is not a country that is easily rocked by revolution... In Britain our institutions evolve. We are a Fabian Society writ large. William Hamilton.

Adjectives for Fabian:

  • slow wise,
  • less socialistic,
  • devious old,
  • older and better,
  • artful little,
  • small but powerful,
  • older,
  • small,
  • central and local,
  • central,
  • dear old.