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[lˈa͡ɪvlɪhˌʊd], [lˈa‍ɪvlɪhˌʊd], [l_ˈaɪ_v_l_ɪ_h_ˌʊ_d]

Synonyms for Livelihood:

business (noun)

activity, affair, assignment, barter, business, busy work, calling, career, commerce, commission, company, concern, consortium, corporation, employment, enterprise, establishment, exchange, firm, holding, industry, interest, job, labor, management, market, merchant, negotiation, occupation, partnership, position, posting, practice, profession, proprietorship, retailing, selling, service, situation, specialty, station, trade, transaction, venture, vocation.

Other synonyms and related words:

accompaniment, aid, aliment, alimentation, alimony, aliveness, allowance, amenities, animation, appointment, area, art, backing, berth, billet, bread, bread and butter, care, circumstances, comfort, command of money, contribution, conveniences, craft, daily bread, documentary validation, documentation, donjon, dowry, dungeon, economic support, emolument, endowment, existence, fee, field, financial backing, financial support, funding, game, grind, handicraft, hold, income, keep, life, lifetime, line, livelihoods, living, living wage, maintenance, manna, means, means of subsistence, meat, mothering, musical accompaniment, nine-to-five, nourishment, nurture, nutriment, nutriments, nutrition, patronage, pay, place, post, price support, prop, property, provision, pursuit, racket, rat race, reenforcement, reinforcement, resource, resources, salary, salt, skill, slot, source of income, stipend, subsidization, subsidy, subsistence, substance, subvention, support, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, tender loving care, thing, upkeep, victuals, wage, wealth, what one is into, work.

Quotes for Livelihood:

  1. At the age of nineteen and a half, I went to the Land of Israel to till its soil and live by the labour of my hands. As I did not find work, I sought my livelihood elsewhere. Shmuel Y. Agnon.
  2. If you're a director, your entire livelihood and your entire creativity is based on your self -confidence. Sometimes that's dangerously close to arrogance. Trevor Nunn.
  3. But I'm a rock 'n' roll singer; that's my livelihood my occupation. Little Richard.