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[ɹɪkˈʌvə], [ɹɪkˈʌvə], [ɹ_ɪ_k_ˈʌ_v_ə]

Synonyms for Recover:

refresh (verb)

divert, enliven, exhilarate, freshen, invigorate, rally, recharge, recoup, recuperate, refresh, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, renew, restore, resuscitate, stimulate.

Other synonyms and related words:

Re-collect, accept, acquire, advance, age, amass, ameliorate, application, appropriate, arrive at, ascend, ascertain, attain, awaken, bail out, balance, be oneself again, be out of woods, be reimbursed for, be repaid for, become, benefit, better, blanket, bounce, bounce back, breathe, bring back, bringround, buck up, bump, bury, call up, call-back, catch, catch up, chance, cheer up, claim back, claw back, clear, coat, cocoon, collect, come, come round, come about, come around, come back, come come to, come round, come through, come to, come to oneself, come up, come up smiling, comeback, compensate, conserve, convalesce, convalescence, convalescent, corn, correct, cover, cover anew, crown, cure, date back, date from, decide, deduct, deliver, detect, determine, detoxify, develop, die, discover, domesticate, domesticise, domesticize, dot, draw breath, dry out, earn, earn back, economize, emend, encase, encounter, encroach, escape, extract, extricate, fail, feel, feel oneself again, find, find oneself, find out, fix, forge ahead, free, fructify, further, gain, gain consciousness, gain strength, garnish, gather breath, get, get about, get around, get back, get back on feet, get better, get hold, get hold of, get in shape, get out from under, get over, get over it, get round, get the better of, get well, gloss, go back, grow, happen, have, heal, healing, health, help, improve, increase, incur, insulate, jump, liberate, line, live, live again, liven up, locate, look, look up, lose, make a comeback, make amends for, make back, make good, make headway, make up, mantle, mature, meet with, meliorate, mend, monetize, move ahead, notice, nurse, observe, obtain, obtain again, offset, outlive, over, overcome, patch up, pay for, pay off, pep up, perk up, pick, plaster, pocket, produce, profit, progress, promote, pull, pull around, pull oneself together, pull out, pull round, raise one's head, ransom, re-cover, reach, reacquire, realize, reanimate, reap, reappear, reassume, reawaken, rebound, rebuild, recall, recap, recapture, receive, reclaim, recollect, recompense, recondite, recondition, reconstruct, recover one's strength, recoverable, recovering, recovery, recruit, rectify, recuperative, recur, recycle, redeem, rediscover, redo, reestablish, refashion, reform, refund, regain, regain breath, regain health, regain one's health, regain one's strength, regain possession, regenerate, rehabilitate, reimburse, reinstate, relapse, release, remedy, remember, remind, remodel, remunerate, renew one's strength, renovate, reoccupy, reorganize, repair, repay, replace, replevin, replevy, repossess, repurchase, rescue, respire, respond, restitute, restoration, restore to health, resume, resumption, resurface, resurrect, retake, retrieve, return, return to form, return to health, reupholster, revendicate, revert, revindicate, revise, revitalize, revive, revivify, revolutionize, ripen, rise again, rouse, rule, salvage, save, see, seize, set free, shake, shape-up, sharpen, smother, snap, snap back, sober, sober up, sprinkle, start anew, start-up, strengthen, succeed, suffer, survive, take, take a break, take a breather, take back, take back again, take breath, take five, take turn for better, tame, think, tinker, to recover, tone, top, turn the corner, turn up, wake, wake up, waken, warm-up, weather the storm, win back, withhold, witness, wrap.

Rhymes for Recover:

  1. hover, shover, lover, cover;
  2. uncover, discover;
  3. undercover;

Quotes for Recover:

  1. It takes most men five years to recover from a college education, and to learn that poetry is as vital to thinking as knowledge. Brooks Atkinson.
  2. They show that roughly two -thirds of a group of neurotic patients will recover or improve to a marked extent within about two years of the onset of their illness, whether they are treated by means of psychotherapy or not. Hans Eysenck.
  3. When I was younger and did a stand -up gig, it would take me two weeks to recover Sometimes I'd get so panicked that I would stutter. Adam Sandler.

Idioms of Recover:

  1. recover sth from sm or sth;
  2. recover from sm or sth;
  3. recover from sth;