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[θˈɪŋz], [θˈɪŋz], [θ_ˈɪ_ŋ_z]

Synonyms for Things:

substances (noun)

articles, bodies, materials, objects, substances, units.

Other synonyms and related words:

Movables, accessories, accessory, accouterments, accoutrements, accoutrements oraccouterments, acts, affaires, affairs, affairs in general, amours, appanage, appanages, apparatus, apparel, appendage, appendages, appliance, appliances, appointments, appurtenance, appurtenances, armament, attire, baggage, bags, beings, belonging, belongings, booty, business, business deal, caparison, cases, chance, chapter of accidents, chattel, chattels, choses, choses in action, choses in possession, choses local, choses transitory, circumstance, circumstances, clobber, clothes, clothing, concerns, conditions, contingencies, conveniences, costume, course of events, course of things, covering, crazes, culture, current of things, dealings, deeds, devices, doings, drapery, dress, dud, duds, duffel, effect, effects, entities, episodes, equipage, equipment, events, everything, experiences, facilities, facility, facts, fads, fitting, fittings, fixture, fixtures, functions, furnishings, furniture, gadgets, garb, garment, gear, getup, good, goods, guise, habiliment, habits, happenings, harness, household, impedimenta, incidents, installation, installations, intimacies, investment, involvements, issues, items, junk, kit, lares and penates, liaisons, life, lifespan, livery, luggage, lumber, machinery, march of things, material, material possession, material things, materiel, matters, mores, munition, munitions, occasions, occurrences, outfit, palliament, paraphernalia, parts, perquisite, perquisites, personal effects, personal estate, personal items, personal property, personalty, persons, pieces, plant, plumbing, plunder, points, possession, possessions, proceedings, property, questions, raiment, rattletraps, rig, rigging, rubbish, run of things, situation, situations, slangshit, somethings, state of affairs, stock, stock in trade, stream of things, stuff, stuffs, subjects, supplies, tackle, thing, things in general, tide of things, time, times, tog, togs, toilet, toilette, topics, trappings, traps, trim, trousseau, turnout, underclothes, universe, usually pl equipment, utensil, utensils, valuables, values, vestment, vesture, vicissitudes of life, wardrobe, wearing apparel, world.

Rhymes for Things:

  1. brings, kings, stings, flings, sings, springs, clings, rings, swings, slings, strings;

Quotes for Things:

  1. The news media's silence, particularly television news, is reprehensible. If we knew as much about Darfur as we do about Michael Jackson, we might be able to stop these things from continuing. Nicholas D. Kristof.
  2. Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words. Alexander Solzehnitsyn.
  3. Every age needs men who will redeem the time by living with a vision of the things that are to be. Adlai Stevenson.

Idioms of Things:

  1. best things in life are free;
  2. bell, book, and candle things that are miraculous or that signal that sth;
  3. tell things apart;