What is another word for 1-hitter?

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[ wˈɒnhˈɪtə], [ wˈɒnhˈɪtə], [ w_ˈɒ_n_h_ˈɪ_t_ə]

A 1-hitter can refer to a type of smoking device or a baseball game in which a pitcher allows only one hit. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a 1-hitter. For example, a one-hitter can also be called a chillum, bat, or taster. Some people also refer to it as a small pipe or a dugout. In baseball, a 1-hitter can be referred to as a gem, masterpiece, or dominant performance. Additionally, some people use the term "near no-hitter" to describe a game in which a pitcher allows only one hit. Regardless of the context, there are many different words that can be used to describe a 1-hitter.

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    What are the hypernyms for 1-hitter?

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      pipe, tobacco pipe, smoking article, smoking device, smoking implement.

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