Q: When I paste a text into your tool and check it, do you save the text or do you delete it directly?

A: All text data that is entered by you is sent to our server. The text data is processed and sent back to your browser. Processed content and user information are not collected. Separate words are collected anonymously; we store user activity in logs for further service improvements, specifically misspelled words, the action performed (change, change all, ignore, add to user dictionary) and the correct word selected for a misspelled word.

Q: What is the difference between the old and new versions of Thesaurus.net?

A: The old version of Thesaurus.net used the WebSpellChecker application to find synonyms for words within the entered text, and also to check this text for grammar errors and misspellings.

There is a large main box area where you enter your text and then click a button to start the application. A pop-up window appears with your original text and a few buttons below. There is a list of synonyms; our site provides a suggested replacement for your word and shows parts of speech for other possible words to be used. Also, you have the possibility to check your text for spelling and grammar mistakes using the appropriate tabs in the top menu.

The new version of Thesaurus.net provides a simplified search, allowing you to find synonyms or antonyms for each given word. There is a separate page for each word, where you can also see pronunciation, quotes, rhymes, idioms, and other useful information related to this word.

Q: Can I use information provided by Thesaurus.net in my publications?

A: Absolutely. We have a special widget on each page which makes it easy for you to cite our website. Just click on the “Cite” button and choose the appropriate format for your citation (MLA/APA/Chicago).

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