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There are a multitude of synonyms for the number "16". Some of these include "sixteen", "XVI" (in Roman numerals), "a dozen and four", "four sets of four", "two squared times two cubed", "quattuordecim", "tetrakaideca", and "hexadecagon" (referring to a 16-sided polygon). Additionally, in some cultures, the number 16 holds special significance. In Japan, "16" can be pronounced as "ju-roku", which sounds similar to the phrase "10-6", making it a popular number for businesses and products. Similarly, in China, the number 16 is associated with longevity and is often used to represent the wish for a long life.

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16 is an unlucky number in many cultures. In China, it is considered an unlucky number because of the 16 types of death. In Greece, 16 is the unlucky number because when the number is spoken it sounding like the word "kill". In the United States, 16 is the most common birthday and the number of deaths per day is higher on the day 16 than any other day.

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