What is another word for act of kindness?

129 synonyms found


[ ˈakt ɒv kˈa͡ɪndnəs], [ ˈakt ɒv kˈa‍ɪndnəs], [ ˈa_k_t ɒ_v k_ˈaɪ_n_d_n_ə_s]

Semantically related words: act of love, act of charity

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    How to use "Act of kindness" in context?

    When you do something kind for someone, it can often feel like a small thing, but in reality, it can have a big impact. A recent study found that acts of kindness are consistently reciprocated, which leads to more goodwill and happiness in the world. Here are five easy ways to start practicing kindness today:

    1. Write down five things you've done for someone in the past week and list them in a gratitude journal. Writing down your kindness will help you keep track of it, reward yourself for it, and remind you of the good you've done.

    2. Compliment someone for a good deed.

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