What is another word for AIR CHAIKA?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡ə t͡ʃˈe͡ɪkə] (IPA)

"Air chaika" is a phrase in Russian that translates to "seagull" in English. Synonyms for this phrase include "seafowl", "sea bird", and "marine bird". These terms refer to various bird species that inhabit coastal regions and are adapted for life near the sea. Seagulls, or air chaikas, are known for their elegant flight, white or gray feathers, and distinctive cry. These birds are commonly found near bodies of water, feeding on marine creatures and scavenging for food. Their ability to glide effortlessly on air currents and their characteristic behavior make them a fascinating sight for beach-goers and nature enthusiasts alike.

What are the antonyms for Air chaika?

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