What is another word for Ajuga Pyramidalis?

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[ ˈad͡ʒuːɡə pˌɪɹɐmɪdˈɑːliz], [ ˈad‍ʒuːɡə pˌɪɹɐmɪdˈɑːliz], [ ˈa_dʒ_uː_ɡ_ə p_ˌɪ_ɹ_ɐ_m_ɪ_d_ˈɑː_l_i_z]

Ajuga pyramidalis, also known as the Pyramidal Bugleweed, is a perennial plant from the mint family that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a popular ornamental plant and often used for ground cover due to its beautiful blue-purple flowers and dense foliage. In the world of botany, the term 'synonym' refers to a different scientific name that has been given to the same plant species. In the case of Ajuga pyramidalis, it also goes by the synonyms Ajuga pyramidata or Ajuga pyramidalis 'metallica crispa'. These synonyms are often used interchangeably to refer to the same plant and are useful when identifying, classifying and researching plant species.

Synonyms for Ajuga pyramidalis:

What are the hypernyms for Ajuga pyramidalis?

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