What is another word for alpinisms?

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[ ˈalpɪnˌɪzəmz], [ ˈalpɪnˌɪzəmz], [ ˈa_l_p_ɪ_n_ˌɪ_z_ə_m_z]

Alpinism, also known as mountaineering, is a sport that involves climbing mountains and other steep terrains. Some synonyms for alpinism include summiting, peak bagging, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. These terms refer to the act of ascending mountains and reaching the summit, whether by hiking, climbing, or using specialized equipment. Other synonyms for alpinism include ice climbing, bouldering, and free climbing, which are variations of the sport that involve different types of terrain and climbing techniques. Regardless of the terminology used, alpinism requires physical fitness, technical skills, and a passion for adventure.

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