What is another word for an eye for an eye?

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An "eye for an eye" is a proverbial saying that advocates the principle of retaliation for a wrongdoing. This phrase is often used to imply that a person should be punished with the same action that they have committed. Several synonyms for this phrase include a tit for tat, retaliate, strike back, vengeance, and retribution. The phrase "tit for tat" means to do something in return, especially when responding to a negative action. Similarly, the word retaliate means to take action against someone in response to a perceived wrongdoing. The term strike back implies a forceful response, while vengeance and retribution refer to punishment or retaliation for a wrong done.

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What are the hypernyms for An eye for an eye?

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What are the opposite words for an eye for an eye?

The phrase "an eye for an eye" implies a retaliatory response to an offense, where the punishment should be equal to the harm caused. However, if we were to consider the opposite of this phrase, the concept of forgiveness and mercy would arise. Some antonyms for "an eye for an eye" could include "turning the other cheek," "letting bygones be bygones," or "forgiving and forgetting." These phrases suggest the act of allowing someone to move on from their wrongdoing and to seek reconciliation instead of retaliation. Though it may be difficult to forgive in some situations, choosing to do so can lead to healing and peace.

What are the antonyms for An eye for an eye?

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